Alexandrite (lab) Pendant 9x7 - 2.20cts Pear stone mounted on a beautiful 14k setting and delicate 14k gold chain $ 499.00




Believed to be a true good luck charm, Alexandrite is a sophisticated stone that brings to life your more refined and elegant side. It is also thought to bring good fortune especially when the sun is shining. Alexandrite can prevent others from "attaching" and drawing on your energy without permission.

When worn on the left hand, it is said to help inhibit undesirable energies from other people's emotions. When worn on the chest, Alexandrite balances ones intense emotional states, allowing you to operate in a calm and neutral manner. When worn in the ears, it inhibits excessive intellectualization (uncontrolled mental blah blah) to allow one to maintain an outwardly-directed focus.

It is a gem regarded as having regenerative power, enhancing the rebirth of both the inner and the outer self, providing impetus to expedite the changing of your world while promoting creativity and awareness