8x6mm - 1.2ct Aquamarine Tiffany Pendant $ 53.00


Aquamarine, March's birthstone, is the universal symbol of hope, health and youth. A traditional protection for travelers, it was said to prevent seasickness, quicken the intellect and enhance courage. Long used by royalty, Egyptian amulets of the XII Dynasty (circa 2000 BC) included Aquamarines carved into the forms of animals.

Wearing this stone is to enhance one's personal power and help to project an aura of strength. Physically, it may have an effect on the pineal gland. When an Aquamarine is suggested for meditation, it is an indication that the pineal gland is not functioning to capacity and needs to have its vibration raised. The person for whom Aquamarine is recommended may already have a fairly well balanced psychosomatic nature and only needs this light vibration to become totally balanced. It has been traditionally held as the gem for the nineteenth wedding anniversary.