Emerald and 2 White Diamonds  makes this an exceptional value. The Emerald is 6x4mm. 0.50 Ct
14 Kt. Gold Size 7 
$ 600.00


Throughout the world and time, the Emerald was believed to foreshow future events. As a revealer of truth, this gem was an enemy of all enchantments and conjurations. It was therefore greatly feared by magicians, who found all their arts of no avail if an Emerald were in their vicinity when they began to weave their spells.

However those caught by Cupid's bow found the gemstone useful in learning the truth or falsehood behind the oaths of their lovers. The Emerald has also been worn or utilized in magic for protection. The stone was bound to the left arm with string to guard travelers. They were given to "possessed" persons to exorcise the evil entity within them. Emeralds were employed as an antidote for poisons and for poisoned wounds. To gaze into an Emerald was said to increase sight and relieve eye strain.