8x6mm - 1.6ct African Garnet Tiffany Earrings  $ 60.00


Garnet, the January birthstone, is truly an ancient and powerful gemstone. In 1905 a Garnet necklace dating from 3500 BC was found in Egypt around the neck of a young male's mummified body. It was believed to give power to the emotions, ignite sexual desires and increase productivity. Garnets are said to be most effective in healing diseases of the regenerative organs, to stimulate the hypothalamus and reduce body toxins. They strengthen, purify, vitalize and regenerate bodily systems, especially the bloodstream.

In writing Stone Power, Dorothee Mella informs us that Garnets help in balancing thyroid disorders. She also writes, "Garnets are lucky stones: lucky for love, lucky for success and lucky for goals." If you wish to be rid of old, misbegotten thoughts, meditating with a Garnet will open your mind's memory banks allowing clean, clear thoughts in. To receive this stones full power meditate in full sunlight. If sunlight is unavailable, incandescent light can be substituted. Garnets are traditionally given for a second anniversary gift.