8x6mm Opal Cabochon Pendant $ 55.00


Until recently, no stone has gotten so much "bad publicity" for brining bad luck as the October birthstone, Opal. Negativity surrounded the stone because of the ease with which the stone could crack, and if given as a lucky or love stone, the splitting was usually taken as a sign of bad luck. Sir Walter Scott fueled its unlucky reputation with his 1800 novel, "Anne of Geierstein," in which the doomed heroine wore an Opal in her hair.

Today, with the understanding of Opal's water content, gem suppliers and miners reject those Opals that tend to crack. Stone Power by Dorothee L. Mella warns against believing these "disappointing legends," but cautions that the Opal "can increase the magnitude of your thought and actions." In short, if the wearer is scattered or nervous, the Opal magnifies this trait; if they are centered and purposeful in their actions, then this will be the trait magnified. For a fourteenth wedding anniversary give the traditional gift of an Opal.