Padparadscha Orange Sapphire
(created) 3 Leaf Design Ring - 6mm 1.09 cts
$ 285.00


The Sapphire, September's birthstone, is one of the oldest known stones in written history. Stone Power author Dorothee L. Mella writes, "In all folklore Sapphires are associated with the attraction of divine favor to their owners, and are mentioned in every religious history." Having long been honored as a stone of prophecy and wisdom and even called the philosopher's stone, wearing a Sapphire can contribute to your mental clarity, your perception and your wisdom.

Sapphires will help in manifesting creativity by tapping into your creative potential and inspiring you to express yourself creatively. Sapphires work with the indigo ray from Saturn to eliminate confusion and illusion. Working in the emotional realm, this stone is effective in healing depression. It stimulates psychic abilities, clarity and inspiration. Sapphires help to enhance creative expression, loyalty, and love. It expands cosmic awareness and dispels confusion. Sapphires are traditionally given for fifth and forty-fifth anniversaries.