Tourmaline Green 4mm 
.50ct Tiffany Earrings
$ 35.00


Due to its ability to develop electrical charges, Pink Tourmaline is reported to have strong vibrations by sensitive people. It is a good stone to use when its time to relax and unwind. Tourmaline enables you to go with the normal flow of your life rather than be resistant to it. This is not a surrendering but a willingness to go with the flow, in the direction of least resistance -- but always toward your situation's resolution. Pink Tourmaline helps dispel fears and negative conditions while enhancing sensitivity and understanding. Physically, Tourmaline aids in the balancing of the endocrine system.

Dorothee L. Mella agrees with this in her book Stone Power when she tells of ancient peoples, particularly the Romans, "using these colorful stones for their relaxing properties of inducing tranquil sleep, for calming the mind and for producing a relaxed body." If you experience trouble at first wearing a Tourmaline, it may be due to its super high energy. Stone Power suggests wearing it in small doses or carrying one and rubbing it for good luck. Pink Tourmaline traditionally given for the eighth wedding anniversary and is one of October's birthstones.