Lapis Lazuli Cross and Black and Red inlaid Sterling silver pendant. It is on a beautiful 18' sterling rope chain. $ 40.00



Lapis has been highly prized as an ornamental stone for over 6000 years. The Lapis mines high above the Kokeha Valley in northeastern Afghanistan were ancient even when visited by Marco Polo in 1271! Perhaps because deep blue Lapis with its flakes of golden Pyrite resembles an evening sky dotted with sparkling stars, it was long regarded as a cure for melancholy (the "blues"), and as an amulet against the spirits of darkness. The cultures of ancient Mesopotamia traded Lapis far and wide, regarding it at least as highly as gold. The Egyptians were equally as fond of the stone and nobles such as King Tutankhamen were interred with great stores of Lapis goods.

Lapis can help balance emotions and allow you to perceive emotional issues more clearly. It increases the conscious awareness of your emotional experiences. Lapis is also a protective stone, especially for children.